FULL MOON / in 25 degrees of Sagittarius

On this full moon I’ve come home. Not necessarily to Sagittarius, because my moon and sun sit in Aries, but more literally to the warmth and fire of my actual home here in Melbourne. After experiencing an incredible moon cycle under Scorpio, out of my comfort zone, both metaphorically and geographically, I’ve come home to a full moon ruled by Sagittarius at home in the expansive and speedy planet Jupiter, (which also happens to be where Sagittarius sits in my chart).

.. I’m walking around my home envisioning, beautiful earthy mustards, rich reds, contrast with deep lapis, soft sky blue, amethyst & lilac, all indicative of vibrations that I’m tuning into right now.  I doubt this home decor fantasy will actually come into being, (maybe in my bedroom). But I’m enjoying the fantasy of warm, earthy, bohemian, yet hugely refined, clear and spiritually refined spaces, possibly as a result of the square Neptune is forming with Jupiter around this moon!

I listened to the extraordinary Sarah Vbra’s download for this moon. She quotes Abraham Hicks and the beauty of having ‘fresh desires’, which he says are the best desires.

Sarah referred to a tendency to get stuck in old narratives or fantasies that are no longer relevant. Desires that we cling to out of habit, but if actually bought to life would no longer be relevant to who we are now. It’s interesting to dig into these.

Looking back to who I was 6 months ago under the light of Januarys Leo super moon (which literally was a portal), I see clearly in the light of this moon, a deep sense of resolution. I have deeply connected to and embraced who I am. I’m travelling firmly on my path & conscious of allowing myself to be embraced and held by those close. I feel an earthy connection to both divine feminine & masculine energies, that are grounded, safe and real.

My amazing osteopath called this in as ‘self-adoration’. I don’t know if I would have ever come up with, or put those two words together in relationship to what I am experiencing. However tears instantly welled and I was surprised!  I’m feeling this moon has that surprise factor to offer us, once become aware of the old no longer relevant desires and clear some space for Abraham’s, ‘fresh desires.’

Words / Sonia Lloyd