Discover your Ayurvedic

Ayurveda cares for the skin according to ‘Dosha’.


Knowing your Dosha will help you discover your unique Ayurvedic prescription for radiant skin, as well as self care rituals, lifestyle choices & nutrition to cultivate wellness within.

Discover your Ayurvedic skin type⁣ & become aware of what qualities constitute healthy, balanced, skin for you.

Ayurveda offers seven possible permutations from which to define the qualities of the skin. Knowledge of these qualities is an invaluable tool that enables us to become attuned to why our skin reacts and behaves as it does. Caring for the skin becomes intuitive, empowering us to select products & ingredients to maintain, balance & support each individual skin type. ⠀

Through uncovering your constitutional skin type, be it dry, oily, sensitive, a duo, or a combination of all 3, you will be introduced to prescriptive beauty rituals, known as dinacharya (daily practices) that restore your inner fire (agni), unclog the senses, strengthen the mind and reconnect you to your intuition and ultimately your life purpose.

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