Ayurveda knows, that the skin, our bodies largest organ, is the visible layer of our nervous system and therefore a mirror that reflects what’s happening inside of us.

Sonia Lloyd – Founder, Rasasara Skinfood

Being a long-term practitioner of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, mother of three, wife and small business owner, it has always been of primary importance for me to integrate my livelihood, spiritual practice and family life; I feel blessed that Rasasara has given me this opportunity.

Below I have outlined how this occurred and how my self-healing journey became my life work, up to the present day.

Today, even after 20 years of operation, Rasasara is a small family-owned business. We hand make and hand pour, small batches of skincare and ship them all over the world, to like minded souls, who truly appreciate and understand their integrity and the effect this has on their consciousness; supporting them in their day-to-day lives, transforming their beauty care into deeply nourishing rituals. 

Before creating the Rasasara product range, I was a professional cook with a passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic dietetics. It was my study and practice of both modalities that eventually led to my teaching of whole food cookery classes, with a strong emphasis on ‘healing with whole foods’.

During this time, from my early to late 20’s, I had very sensitive skin that reacted to most skincare products, plus consistent T-zone breakouts, especially around the mouth and chin.

This internal imbalance externalised through my skin, also in part the impetus for my study of natural medicine and whole food cookery, as I believed, that getting my diet right, would heal my skin.

However, what I experienced was, that despite excellent and very consistent efforts to cleanse my blood and GI tract, using herbs, an amazing whole food diet, plus enemas, fasting & colonics for deeper detoxification, my skin still ‘aggravated’, i.e. the breakouts were lessening, however, I had incredibly reactive skin that lacked the lustre and glow that I wanted.

At the same time I was also still searching for a skincare range that might help, but most products, including natural skincare, only exacerbated it. Different products would start out well, but over time owing to their ingredient structures being too complex, my skin would flare up and repeat a dry to oily cycle, along with a new batch of breakouts. It felt like I was stuck in a holding pattern.


I mixed up the skin care formulations recommended for my Ayurvedic skin type, literally felt the results straight away and have never looked back.

I discovered through Ayurveda’s understanding of an individual’s constitution, or Prakriti, that I have Pitta skin and that I also had a Pitta imbalance. Pitta skin (when imbalanced) is prone to an oily T – Zone, cheeks that heat up and go red after eating spicy foods, drinking red wine, or during exercise. If this all sounds too familiar, you also have Pitta skin or a Pitta imbalance, known in popular beauty culture, as combination or reactive skin.

People with combination skin often describe their skin as all 3 types – dry, sensitive & oily skin and that they can’t use much on their skin, because it’s so reactive. However, you will discover as I did, that with the correct routine and Ayurvedic skin care preparations, it’s very easy to balance this dry, oily, sensitive cycle.

In fact, it was this ease and knowledge that gave me the motivation to create Rasasara and make Ayurvedic products available to my community.

I had been on such a long journey with my skin, which was emotionally, physically, and financially taxing; if you have suffered from acne rosacea or sensitive skin conditions, eczema or psoriasis, you know what I’m sharing is true, it’s all-consuming. Yet miraculously, thanks to Ayurveda and Pratima’s book.

My skin drastically changed, no more breakouts, my skin was getting stronger and I could use natural skincare (made by me), I could finally put ‘stuff’ on my face & my skin was glowing. 

My skin finally had a natural glow I’d been trying to achieve for years. I had comments from those around me on its lustre (since sharing Rasasara with the world, I’ve had clients get in touch to let me know this has happened to them as well).

In a nutshell, that’s what happened. I wanted everyone to have access to skincare that benefited their skin, like it did mine. I knew it was possible through the principles of Ayurveda, I had a healing framework that I could share to aid others with improving their skin.

With much Love, Sonia..x