Discover your Ayurvedic

Ayurveda cares for the skin according to ‘Dosha’.


Knowing your Dosha will help you discover your unique Ayurvedic prescription for radiant skin, as well as self care rituals, lifestyle choices & nutrition to cultivate wellness within.

Through uncovering your constitutional skin type, be it dry, oily, sensitive, combination, or normal, you will be introduced to prescriptive beauty rituals, known as dinacharya (daily practices) that restore your inner fire (agni), unclog the senses, strengthen the mind and reconnect you to your intuition and ultimately your life purpose.

To get the most accurate answer, select the most dominant qualities.

You my have all the qualities or characteristic described, however only by focusing on the most dominant – what stand outs or bothers you, will you achieve an accurate result that reflects your skins current condition.

Option 1:
Take the multiple choice test below to and receive a generic overview & rituals for  your Vata/ Pitta/ or Kapha skin type. . We recommend this if you have balanced skin and would like to know your skin type dosha.

Option 2: Purchase a personalised diagnosis for 25AUD, via uploading a head shot.
We will diagnose your skin type and get back to you with prescribed rituals and product recommendations within 24 hours. We recommend this for anyone struggling to balance their skin or with a specific  concern they are struggling to address. Book your diagnosis HERE
Skin Type Test
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