• Just wanted to say I love the packaging you have used, both for shipping materials and the products, which are also really gorgeous. Thanks for a GREAT online experience.

    Yolande GrayWaverly NSW




  • I started using Rasasara Skinfood products about 1 year ago. I usually use jojoba oil on my face. When I first tried the face oil in a store (Vata face oil) it just felt right – 100% made to my skin which is what I really love about the products…Just like diets, skin products aren’t for everyone, however with the tailored products of Rasasara Skinfood, each personality, skin type and disposition has their own product which is paramount in a world where a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. 2 weeks after my first purchase I bought the Vata Body oil… Loved it… then moved onto the shampoo and conditioner. These are all amazing products. I love the subtle natural smell of the products and always get comments about the smell in my hair if someone is close to me. I also have the face cleansing bar which is up there in the favourites – Both my mum and sister now use the products as well and both love them too!

    Sophie ParkerByron Bay NSW




  • I use Rasasara both personally & in my clinic. Our skin is the largest organ & undergoes dramatic changes when the body is receiving treatment for cancer. Having seen first hand the profound healing that occurs when RaSa-Derm is used, I am delighted to recommend these products to those receiving radiotherapy as part of their treatment program for cancer. RaSa-Derm has been a lifesaver to many of my clients & has provided peace of mind to those who are very mindful of what they put on their skin.

    Tania ShawDipRM OMT CLT




  • I use the cleansing powder every 2-3 days (daily seems just a bit too much for my skin) and the oil with the mist daily. My skin is starting to look like it’s got a nice glow to it and it feels beautifully smooth.





  • I am very happy with Rasasara. The product is great, my skin is glowing and most of the problems I had with dryness, scaliness, uneven tone have subsided considerably and best of all, I can afford it.





  • The Rasasara products are great and very easy to use. The results are even more fabulous and quite remarkable given I’ve never had this sort of result with any other product. I highly recommend them to those with sensitive skin to try the wonderful Pitta range as I’ve had huge results post my very dry skin as a result of too much sun whilst on holiday. I’m now using the Vata range, which is allowing me to adapt nicely to the change in climate. Absolutely wonderful products and definitely a long term relationship for me!

    Maria Tallarida




  • I just wanted to send a quick email to tell you how happy I am with my Vata purchases! I bought the value pack and also the healing hand body wash…. My skin has not felt this good in a long time, it is clean, fresh or not bogged down and heavy. The face exfoliant is just amazing and the hydrating mist is perfect. My husband thinks the wash is brilliant and it leaves bathroom smelling wonderful!





  • Thanks so much for coming down the other day and showing me your range. I’m amazed how quickly my skin is responding to the products. They’ve not only calmed my skin, but a kind of serenity has descended on me too, but that might be the effect of meeting two wonderful people! My husband gave me a gut-melting kiss and wondered what I’d been doing, he thought I was radiant. My thought bubble said ‘Thanks Rasasara!’





  • Have I mentioned that your products are divine, I get excited when it’s time to cleanse.





  • Could I get another of the Herbal Face Cleanser ‘Pitta’ please? I found it really good! My skin cleared up so much since I’ve been using it all regularly.





  • I started using Rasasara products a little over 6 months ago, and have witnessed a transformation in my skin. I used to have irritated skin, as well as acne, and tried lots of different products (including expensive ones). However, within a week of my using Rasasara, my skin cleared completely and is no longer irritated. I find the skin care very nourishing and enjoy using the products. What’s more, they just seem to last and last and last… excellent value for money!





  • The hydrating face mist is fantastic, especially for those hotter months, when my skin used to get overheated. Now, I just spray some on my face, and on the back of my neck, and it cools me down straight away. I have even noticed that my skin is less irritated because the mist cools it quickly, helping to prevent it getting overheated, and inflamed.





  • I have noticed a significant decrease in the number of blemishes on my face; both black heads and in-grown hairs, whilst at the same time removing ingrained industrial dirt, dust and grease. The oils and facial spray have stopped my skin overproducing oils and has further reduced the number of blackheads, with the added bonus of a mild perfume. Of all the products that I have used to combat these problems, none has been anywhere near as effective as the Rasasara product.

    Paul RobertsFootscray




  • The Rasasara Body Exfoliating Salt is just divine; the smell and texture are so earthy, rich and nurturing. The exfoliation is strong and effective yet very gentle on my skin. I particularly love the velvety veil that is left on my skin once the scrub is washed off, my skin positively glows! This is truly my favourite body ritual and I highly recommend it to everyone!




  • Thank you for the Make up remover, it is truly the best eye make up remover I have ever had, and I have had many, both classic and from high end organic European brands. But yours is The Best. Congratulations.





  • I received my goodies yesterday and used them for the first time this morning. They are just divine… the smells, the textures.

    Christine Taranto




  • thought I would let you know my thoughts on the shampoo and conditioner. I really really enjoyed using the samples you sent. The shampoo cleaned beautifully and the conditioner detangled and nourished. They both smelled great, and left my hair bright and light. Loved them both, and I was left feeling good about myself – go figure!

    Susan Brownlee