Beauty...and why it plays an important role in Ayurveda.

The word ‘Ayurveda’ comes to us from the ancient language of India [Sanskrit] and translates into [English] as ‘the science of everyday living’.  Ayurveda teaches us that we cannot have true beauty without the desire to meet the needs of our body/mind in a proper way. Ayurvedic beauty rituals, therefore, emphasise understanding ourselves.


Ayurveda has long known that beauty is the result of what we choose to put into our mind & body, either tangibly in the form of  a daily diet, exercise regime, beauty & healing rituals, or in the less tangible forms of thoughts, feelings & emotions.


From an Ayurvedic viewpoint beauty is not only synonymous with balanced health, but also embraces the deeper, sattvic ideals of love, truth, freedom & peace.


The wish to connect with the ‘beauty,’ ‘radiance’ & ‘divinity’ that dwells within us and to share this with others, is revered by Ayurveda as the noblest of quests.


Once aware of one’s individual constitutional energies, anyone can perform daily Ayurvedic routines, informed by the knowledge of their unique body & skin type, also known as their Prakruti or constitutional balance.