Product Spotlight / Chandra Revitalising Oil


— Chandra Revitalising Oil —

Touted by those swear by it as a miracle oil, our Chandra Revitalising Oil has been formulated for night time use when cellular regeneration takes place.


A good nights sleep allows your skin to repair itself – between 11pm & midnight is when new skin cells are generated by cell mitosis (cell division) – and when the skin benefits most from nutrient rich, reparative & penetrating nourishment. So the active botanicals in Chandra get to work, while their grounding floral notes promote a restful sleep.

A natural & synergistic blend of some of the most beneficial oils nature has to offer, rich in essential fatty acids plus age defying vitamins A, B, C & E. It’s anti-inflammatory, balancing & reparative for all skin types.



— Hero Ingredients —

What we leave out is just as important as what we put in! No fillers or unnecessary, harmful ingredients – every ingredient is a key, active part of the formulation, quite literally FOOD for your skin. ⁠⁠

Camellia Oil
Rich in vitamins A,B,C & E, Omega-6 & 9 essential fatty acids, it’s an excellent antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radical damage. Its exceptionally high oleic acid (omega 9) content is particularly beneficial for dry, rough or damaged skin, soothing for irritated skin, it also promotes the healing of scars, is moisturising & fast absorbing, with the ability to penetrate to deeper layers of the skin. Promotes elasticity & prevents the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Hempseed Oil
Naturally emollient & ultra nourishing. Moisturising, emollient, non-greasy, fast penetrating, protective, anti-ageing. High in omega-3 essential fatty acids. Softens, smooths, soothes inflamed skin.

Jojoba Oil
Composed of different liquid wax esters similar to human sebaceous. A premium moisturiser & emollient, prevents transdermal water loss, retaining moisture. Penetrates into the skin dermis, with the ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Rose Maroc Essential Oil
Has skin-softening, humectant, rejuvenating, & age defying properties while moisturising and hydrating. Particularly beneficial for dry, mature, inflamed & sensitive skin. It helps to reduce skin redness, fight inflammation.


1 x product, 5+ uses

  • As a night oil; emulsify 3-4 drops with 2-3 sprays of Hydrating Mist, apply to damp skin.
  • Combine with Rasa Aloe Serum to treat blemished or inflamed skin.
  • Mix with Gentle Eye Gel to create a cream based moisturiser for dry skin.
  • Layer with your Face Nourishing Oil & Hydrating Mist for a super dose of hydration.
  • Apply neat to scars, burns or grazes.


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