What makes Rasasara Skinfood stand apart from other skincare ranges? The answer is the knowledge underpinning it. It works from the understanding that we all have different skin types and that each person should not use the same ingredients as each ingredient produces a differing effect dependent upon your skins present condition  &  primary or leading skin type or dosha*.


Ayurveda divides skin into 3 types, also known as the ‘doshas’ – Vata | Pitta | Kapha*


What governs your skin type are the 5 great elements that make up your unique constitution; vata |dry skin, highlights a predominance of the elements air & space; Pitta |hot or sensitive skin indicates a predominance of fire & water; & Kapha |oily skin reflects a predominance of the elements earth & water.


Ayurveda prescribes that to correct an imbalance in any of the doshas, one need only apply the opposite of that doshas quality; i.e Pitta – fire & water, requires cooling & calming ingredients; Vata – space & air  becomes cold & dry & therefore needs warming moisture rich ingredients; & finally Kapha – earth & water, can become damp and heavy & therefore benefits from light, warm & astringent ingredients to maintain balance.


Our greatest aim at Rasasara is to deliver a pure, ethical, cruelty free, quality Ayurvedic product & in doing so, open the door to the healing practice of beauty rituals, enlivened by Ayurvedic practices & products when tailored to suit dosha specific needs.


*For those of you familiar with Ayurveda also note that your body type or leading dosha/s may not reflect your skins present condition or current concern. To discover your present skin type click here