100% natural, edible, organic, nontoxic, cruelty free, vegan, plant based, Ayurvedic skin food.

Vata Body Oil Anxiety Remedy

A very warm welcome to the Rasasara Skinfood range and online store

‘Rasasara’ is a Sanskrit word that translates literally as ‘the skin’ also known in Ayurveda ‘as the cream which rises to the top’ – that is – the by-product of all that we consume, emotionally, orally & through the skin dermis.

Over 25 years ago I directly experienced the beneficial results of Ayurvedic preparations to heal my own skin. At the time I was suffering from acne rosacea and as a result my self esteem was also suffering. After I healed my own skin, I felt so much better about myself and very much out of the awareness of how much discomfort our skin can cause us & how difficult it can be to resolve with regular skincare routines, I began assisting others on their skin healing journey.

Time and time again, I got to watch with a deep sense of satisfaction, as friends and family members skin issues were consistently and relatively easily resolved.

In 2003, the Rasasara Skinfood range was launched ~ handmade, edible, organic, wildcrafted, cruelty free accredited, skin & hair care and straight away we were stocked by some of my favourite health food stores in inner city Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

20 years later we’re still here, holding space for these beautiful products, making them for our wonderful and extremely loyal customers and all those yet to try them.

At the heart of Rasasara is the intention to promote wellness, long life, beauty and the Ayurvedic knowledge of how to achieve this.

We hope that Rasasara products & the intention underpinning them, inspires you to do the best you possibly can, to care for yourself, the people you love and the land you live on.

At the heart of Ayurveda is the understanding that it’s the little things we do everyday, that have the biggest impact on our health and our world. Whenever you chose organic, natural, edible skincare, haircare products in refillable glass bottles, with recyclable caps, you become a protector of the land, the water, your community and your health; a powerful acknowledgment of how deeply you care and your individual power to make a difference.

With Love, Sonia & the Rasasara Team..x