Face mapping is a theory that correlates the location of a breakout or skin problems with a corresponding internal organ or issue with the body. The diagram below shows face mapping based on Ayurvedic principles. For example, breakouts and skin issues on the chin, jaw and neck can be attributed towards hormones and too much starch and sugar while breakouts on the cheeks can be attributed towards toxins from smoking, touching the face and dirty pillows. Breakouts on the T-Zone can be caused by poor circulation, stress, coffee and alcohol.

woman with face map overlay

The face map indicates particular areas of concern for the following dosha types:


  1. kapha – blackheads or congestion, including breakouts around the cheeks & cheekbone, up into the hairline above the ears
  2. pitta – oily t-zone especially on the forehead where breakouts can occur
  3. vata – fine lines on the forehead
  4. vata – fine lines around the eyes
  5. pitta – oily t-zone on the nose
  6. pitta – broken capillaries on the cheeks, including redness, acne & rosacea
  7. vata – fine smile lines around the mouth
  8. pitta – prone to oiliness & breakouts on the chin