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Dosha Overviews

Vata Overview

Vata types feel the cold, have fine, delicate skin, tiny pores, tan easily & are cool to touch. Imbalanced, Vata skin becomes dry, flaky or rough & prone to fine lines, especially on the forehead & around the eyes.

Balance Vata skin with warming, softening & moisture rich ingredients found in the Vata  range.

Pitta Overview

Pitta types feel the heat, note their warm glowing cheeks are often lightly freckled or dotted with beauty marks & burn easily. Imbalanced pitta skin is prone to conditions such as redness, acne, rosacea, an oily t-zone, frequent breakouts in the T-zone & broken capillaries on the cheeks.

Balance pitta skin with the application of cooling, calming & natural, organic ingredients found in the Pitta range.

Kapha Overview

Kapha skin types have classically pale or rich olive skin, that is smooth, soft & lustrous. Imbalanced kapha skin becomes sluggish, may feel damp or a little oily & be prone to blackheads or congestion, including breakouts around the cheeks & cheekbone, up into the hair line above the ears.

Balance Kapha skin with stimulating, warming & detoxifying ingredients found in the Kapha range.

Discover your Ayurvedic

Ayurveda cares for the skin according to ‘Dosha’.


Knowing your Dosha will help you discover your unique Ayurvedic prescription for radiant skin, as well as self care rituals, lifestyle choices & nutrition to cultivate wellness within.


or 4 payments of $13.50 with Afterpay

120ml 30ml 60ml

or 4 payments of $14.00 with Afterpay

120ml 30ml 60ml
amber bottle 30ml kapha face nourishing oil

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120ml 30ml 60ml
chandra revitalising oil amber bottle30ml and 60ml Amber Bottles Chandra Revitalising Oil

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30ml 60ml

It’s a wonderful way to get to know us.


We appreciate that trying a new skin care regime can be a little scary, not to mention costly, & it is for this reason we offer the 30 day free trial of any Rasasara Skinfood Starter Kit.

Our greatest aim at Rasasara is to deliver a pure, ethical, cruelty free, quality Ayurvedic product & in doing so, open the door to the healing practice of beauty rituals, enlivened by Ayurvedic practices, tailored to suit dosha specific needs.

4 Amber 30ml bottles

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chandra revitalising oil amber bottle30ml and 60ml Amber Bottles Chandra Revitalising Oil

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30ml 60ml

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240ml Amber Glass 475ml Amber Glass
30ml amber bottles

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30ml 60ml
Tin of holy foot balm

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240ml Frosted Glass
30ml and 120ml amber glass bottlesAmber glass bottle 30ml

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Love love love all that you do for me & my skin!


~ Sammy Lee

The Rasasara products are great and very easy to use. The results are even more fabulous and quite remarkable given I’ve never had this sort of result with any other product. I highly recommend them to those with sensitive skin to try the wonderful Pitta range as I’ve had huge results post my very dry skin as a result of too much sun whilst on holiday. I’m now using the Vata range, which is allowing me to adapt nicely to the change in climate. Absolutely wonderful products and definitely a long term relationship for me!


~ Maria Tallarida

The products are so, so magical. The first time I used them, I literally felt my cells sing from the scent, the feeling, the energy of all of them. Every time I’ve used them, I’ve felt them work throughout my entire body, emotionally as well as physically. It’s clear how much love and attention you’ve put into the products. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


~ Georgia Fish

I am very happy with Rasasara. The product is great, my skin is glowing and most of the problems I had with dryness, scaliness, uneven tone have subsided considerably and best of all, I can afford it.


~ Fadzai

I love and believe in this product so much that I purchased more! My skin has never felt and looked better since using Rasasara Skinfood.


~ Carly McDonagh

I use Rasasara both personally & in my clinic. Our skin is the largest organ & undergoes dramatic changes when the body is receiving treatment for cancer. Having seen first hand the profound healing that occurs when Rasa Derm is used, I am delighted to recommend these products to those receiving radiotherapy as part of their treatment program for cancer. Rasa Derm has been a lifesaver to many of my clients & has provided peace of mind to those who are very mindful of what they put on their skin.


~ Tania Shaw