The Future is Glass

At Rasasara Skinfood, our thoughtfully designed packaging has been created to meet the needs of our wide range of product formulations, whilst keeping the potential ramifications on our planet in mind.

We wish to lead the way in the natural & organic skin care space and as such, are always seeking ways to improve our environmental impact. For us, the future should be about 100% natural, non toxic, synthetic free, truly environmentally & socially sustainable products, which is exactly what we create and why we continue to do what we do.

It’s for this reason we are transitioning our larger sized products, currently in black PET plastic, to amber glass. Amber glass is wonderful for preserving a product’s potency (note, this is why we chose it for our smaller sized oils), but the real bonus is, it can be infinitely recycled.

Many of you are already familiar with our refill program, which allows you to purchase a refill and decant into your original product packaging.

The coming months will see us making slight tweaks and improvements to this program, in order to help you to reduce, reuse and recycle, reducing the Rasasara Skinfood community’s collective environmental impact. We welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have, feel free to drop us a line at

— Shop Glass —

See below an example of your new options at checkout. You are able to choose either black PET or amber glass, according to your preference, at no added cost.

In addition to our Hand Wash pictured above, many of your old favourites like Vata Body Oil, Pitta Body Milk & our hair care range are now available in glass.

Small changes have big impacts! Join us in planning for a sustainable future!