No Plastic Commitment

    — No Plastic Commitment —
Our biggest priority at Rasasara in 2019, has been the reduction of plastic use across the board, in all of our packaging. In this newsletter we’re outlining some of the new initiatives we’ve put in place to REUSE existing plastic caps or bottles.
As you would have already discovered in your own bathroom & kitchen, reducing and eliminating plastic is an endless occupation & the beauty industry is a major culprit in the amount of plastic that is produced and consumed.
We endeavour to transform this problem by simplifying your recycling system and educating you around how to make this possible. It will require changes & ingenuity along the way, from both sides , and we will do our very best to support you through the process, by supplying tutorial ‘ How To’ videos.
In turn, we also ask for your support, as to make these changes successfully requires a commitment to adapting to new ways of using & storing skin care products.
— Aluminium Lids —
Aluminium caps are now the default cap with all purchases online (and coming in store)
Moving forward, make a note to *retain your dropper, pump cap, or mist spray,  to REUSE with your new product purchases.
Should you require a new glass dropper, spray mist, or pump cap you will find them on our new accessories page. We are sure that this new implementation will have a few hiccups, but unlike the majority of our politicians, we know it’s worth it.


Need to refill your bottles?
When you wish to refill your spray mist bottles, you can send your bottles back to us for a refill.

Missing a spray cap?
All size mists caps are available for purchase from our new accessories page.