| Product Spotlight / Ayurvedic Dust |

Dusting is often overlooked in our beauty rituals of today. Traditionally used by indigenous cultures, dusting with herbal powders offers natural, anti-bacterial benefits for the body, & a tonifying, calming effect for the mind & spirit.

When applied to the skin or hair, Ayurvedic dusting powder provides an instant refresh leaving your skin/hair moisture free, revitalized, clean & soft. Formulated with essential oils chosen for their antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, it is no surprise our indigenous ancestors relied on the ritual of dusting for healing purposes. Traditionally in India for example, women have covered their entire bodies with turmeric powder during childbirth for centuries. Given all that modern science now understands about the antiviral, antibacterial and coagulating effects of turmeric we can easily understand how this would be beneficial in a natural birthing environment.

Whilst the modern equivalent of dusting is known as talcum powder, talc is now known to remain airborne for an extended period of time. This allows it to make its way into the lungs and even various other body tissues where it doesn’t belong. Studies have linked talcum powder to an increased risk of ovarian cancer – with the risk higher in proportion to use. Chemically similar to asbestos, this mineral – the softest on earth – has been the subject of speculation for decades.

Natural dusts, made from grains, bamboo or clay, absorb excess moisture, from the body & hair, as well as functioning as gentle deodorant or perfume – owing to the inclusion of 100% essential oils. They may also be used instead of or after we apply natural deodorant, which can often be on the sticky side, not such a desirable underarm feeling in summer or winter. For best results, apply non-toxic deodorant (try our Underarm Deodorising Mist), then powder down for no more stickiness and longer lasting anti-odour.

A note from Rasasara Founder Sonia Lloyd:

I personally find working with herbal dusts as a body perfume, deodorant or dry hair shampoo incredibly soothing & calming for the senses. Visually I enjoy the effect on my hair as it looks instantly refreshed. On my skin, I love the instantly dry, soft and clean feel, whilst the smell of essential oils subtly lingers. The net result is the perfect travel companion; I don’t get a plane without it, as body dusting whilst travelling is the equivalent to a dry shower, when the real thing is unavailable.