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Photo by Britt James (Instagram: @_in_the_flow_)

Part of Sammy Lee’s life since her school days,  yoga has been a practice of consciousness, continually awakening to truth, cleansing what is destructive and fostering a feeling of connection – connection to Mind, Body, Breath and Community!

You can find Sammy teaching at Yoke Yoga Studio, Torquay, where she is also the Studio Manager. Her classes tend to be Heart Centric – she believes connection to the heart space evokes the biggest, transformative change, both on and off the mat- something she has learned through experience. The space she creates for students is one where individuals can accept their own uniqueness, for “everybody is different and that is what makes us special – all we have to do is show up and embrace what happens.”

Read our interview with Sammy below:

Where do you live?

I recently moved to Torquay by the sea, an English lasses dream!

What do you love about living there?

It’s calming my nervous system, being in nature and getting to be surrounded by a special community.

What are you currently reading?

I have a habit of having a few books on the go, so Moving into Stillness by Eric Schiffman (my morning read) and Inward by Yung Pueblo (perfect before bed, such potent poetry). Talking of poems, I can’t not honour Rupi Kaur, her books blew me away!

Favourite season and why?

I like to honour all seasons, supported by my Ayurvedic Practitioner Angie (Sahaja Wellness), being English I don’t feel like I am so impacted by the colder months, as I am always grateful for the Australian bright blue sky and landscape!

I spend a lot of time…

At the Yoga Studio Yoke Yoga, supporting, teaching, and practising all things Yoga.

One thing that might surprise people about me is…

I am very receptive to energy, something I am exploring through Reiki.

My favourite Rasasara product is?

I honestly have adored every single product I have been fortunate to try. The soap, spray and oil is my ritual, each and every morning and night. You know when you find a brand that you know you will never stray from? Rasasara is that for me.

What does selfcare mean to you?

To me it means about not forgetting about number one; paying attention to balance through Yang and Yin practices, and the self trust to know that we know, the exact, perfect response in all situations (and if we don’t, to try and ensure we are supported by people who can help us remember).

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