Full Moon in Virgo | Exact March 18th 2022

This month’s full moon lunation takes place in the practical sign of Virgo, an earth sign with very high standards, that likes to know the specifics, take care of the details & get things done! Virgos often get a hard time for being perfectionists, but in reality, without Virgo energy, who would apply the attention to detail, that we all love & appreciate so much in our world; ⁠i.e, if asked to guess the astrology sign of the ‘Absolute’, I’d place bets on a Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Virgo! ⁠

One of the interesting things about this much needed Virgo Moon (and btw there are many), is it’s receiving strong opposition from the Sun, Mercury, Neptune & Jupiter in the dreamy, highly intuitive & creative sign of Pisces; this means it could have us feeling a push / pull between these two mutually beneficial, but opposite energetics; i.e, creative vs practical or, much needed daydreaming vs get things done.⁠

My advice, lean into what ‘you’ need. If you have a big to do list, you will find yourself very supported by this moon and if you haven’t had enough down time over summer, because it was all work & no play, maybe you moved house or started a new job, ‘self- care’ is especially highlighted. ⁠

Virgo energy is very much about our ‘day to day rituals’ and ‘Ayurveda’ the ‘science of day to day to living’, so leaning into this energy, heading to your favourite yoga class or dreaming up your new health & beauty routine for the coming year, will be just as productive, especially if you’re feeling off centre & recognise the need to ground or call your energy back into your body.⁠

Overall, things should become clearer to us as a result of this fascinating full moon, it may still be in a slightly illusive(Neptune in Pisces)way, but if your open to receiving, you will get some much needed illumination, signs & clarity, that you are on the right track, even though you may still not quite sure of where you (or collective behaviour) are quite headed. It is also a lift off point for the Aries equinox, the true energetic beginning of the new astrological year. Enjoy!

~ Sonia,  [Founder – Rasasara Skinfood]