You have a combination of both Vata & Pitta dosha skin type. In Ayurveda whenever we want to understand something we observe what attributes are dominant. Vata/Pitta is indicated by skin that feels or appears: dry, light, oily, warm & sensitive. These qualities are Vata/Pitta qualities and appear in balanced skin as a glowing, clear, slightly drier complexion, with fine pores, that is fair or tans easily – with a slight oily T-zone.

Owing to it’s warm, oily, dry, light qualities, when imbalanced, your skin type becomes dehydrated & prone to breakouts in the T-zone. The tendency to cycle from oily to dry creates a lot of confusion for Vata/ Pitta skin as to what your correct skin type is.

Ayurveda employs the principle of opposites to balance Vata/Pitta skin. Calming and moisture rich skincare, both warming & cooling is required to balance your slightly oily yet also dry skin.

When these qualities are absent from your beauty ritual, diet or lifestyle, Vata/Pitta skin may become excessively dry & inflamed owing to the dry light qualities of Vata which fan Pitta’s heat when imbalanced. If exacerbated by diet or emotional imbalance, excess Pitta Vata is prone to dry, flaky, extremely inflamed skin.

Cleansed & nourished with cooling, highly emollient, natural, organic ingredients found in Rasasara’s Vata & Pitta products keeps Vata/ Pitta combination skin clear, fine and even toned with a balanced T – zone, break outs are rare if any, and the oily to dry skin cycle is resolved.  If you do suffer from inflammation or severely dry skin – including psoriasis and eczema – regular full body massage with Vata Body Oil is also recommended as this keeps your Vata dosha in check and prevents it from driving Pitta heat.