Your skin is currently Kapha / Vata type.

Kapha/Vata is indicated by skin that feels or appears: cold, cool, oily, heavy, dry, fine. The qualities listed above are Kapha and Vata qualities or attributes and when balanced appear for Kapha/Vata skin, as, lustrous, fine, even toned, smooth, cool (or cold), thick skin, that can be alabaster white, or evenly tanned.

Owing to the opposing nature of the qualities in your skin, when imbalanced, Vata / Kapha skin types have had a tricky time finding the right skincare. If Kapha or Vata doshas are out of balance your skin cycles from extremely oily or sluggish (indicated by blackheads & congestion under the skin) and also dry patches on the top layer of the skin dermis.  Alternatively if Kapha is more dominant it may show up infrequent but severe breakouts that take a long time clear.

Kapha/Vata skin often takes a long time to heal, or clear, owing to the predominantly cold & cool qualities of Kapha & Vata, which require heat or Pitta to provide its transformative/digestive quality. Often people with this combination of skin, give up trying to find a solution for their skins oiliness or acne and are also reluctant or anxious to try something new.

As described initially, when Vata & Kapha doshas are balanced your skin will be lustrous, thick, & smooth so don’t give up! All Kapha/Vata skin requires is skincare that makes the most of its polarities. The warming, stimulating & detoxifying qualities found in both of Rasasara’s Vata & Kapha ranges, work to clear and balance your skins oily to dry cycle, creating harmony for Vata/ Kapha skin.

When these qualities are absent from your beauty ritual, diet or lifestyle, Vata/Kapha skin types as mentioned above, are prone to becoming excessively oily or dry, with enlarged or blocked pores, blackheads or millia -small cysts that get trapped under the skin. If exacerbated by faulty diet, unresolved emotions or unhealthy lifestyle, this can also show up in the the skin as cystic acne & overall loss of tone and lack of lustre.

If your skin is excessively oily at present we recommend using our Kapha Face products for cleansing and the Kapha Face Products to moisturise. If your skin is both oily & dry at present, mix up your cleansing routine with Kapha cleansing products and Vata moisturising products. If your skin is balanced, select products from both ranges & or work with your age i.e. if you have young skin use more Kapha and if you have mature skin, use more Vata to counter dryness.