| Rasasara Stories / Lisa de Souza’s Skin Care Journey |

lisa portrait for blog postAcne…pimples…the never-ending battle that I have been struggling with from teenage years to my now thirties. My journey has been long, frustrating and painful at times. I have spent many hours researching the latest and newest discovery for “clear skin”, books, cosmetic procedures and products (every brand you can think of) I have spent hours and money on trying to find the answer to my skin problems I tried EVERYTHING! You name the product that has been advertised for clear skin, guaranteed it will work etc, I did it all!

Doctors and dermatologists on many occasions suggested a course of Accutane, antibiotics, birth control, topical creams and other medications that have been known to help with acne as my only solution. I did try some medications many of which never made a difference and on one occasion had a severe allergic reaction ending in hospitalization.

I was at the point of giving up on my skin, I was prepared to accept that no medication, chemical peel or expensive skin care would give me the skin I had always dreamed of having. Until one day I was looking on Instagram, which lead me to my second cousins wife’s yoga studio in Australia, where they were featuring hand soap and lotion from a company called Rasasara Skinfood. I immediately went to the Rasasara website and started with their skin analysis questionnaire to find out what type of dosha I am, it revealed I’m Kapha skin type.

Once I had worked out the range of skin care I would need to use, I was in touch with Sonia about my skin care regime and if she thought I would benefit from her all natural skin care products. This was going to be my last resort and the last skin care I was willing to try.

I am so glad I didn’t give up; it has now been about 1.5 years since using the Kapha range. This has quite literally changed my life and my skin. I never thought using essential oils as a cleanser and oils as a moisturizer, that this was the answer to my years of struggling with acne and scaring from years of picking and probing at every ugly pimple that would show up. IT has!

strawberry mask3

Recently a co-worker said, “Your skin looks amazing today, I haven’t noticed your skin being flared in a while now.” This was the day after I had just done the fruit extraction mask followed by the Kapha face mask. Yes, fruit on your skin! Trust me and the Rasasara Skinfood products – they will change your skin and you will feel amazing, knowing that you are not only fixing a problem, you are doing so with all natural real ingredients, no hidden ingredients. The Kapha range is amazing; I have used the skin, hair and body range. This line is truly incredible!

The Kapha Body Exfoliating Scrub has helped with imperfections on my shoulders and back that seem to come up every now and then. The Chandra oil and Aloe Serum are amazing; over the period that I have been using this combination it has lessened the scarring at the same time balancing my skin to look less patchy. CHANDRA + ALOE1

Sonia and her company have given me confidence that I can have the healthy glowing skin that every girl and woman dreams of having. I never feel the need to always have makeup on to cover up all the red spots or blemishes since starting with this skin care regimen. My skin always feels light and glowing, instead of dull and painful. I love this product. I will forever be grateful to Sonia for guiding me from day one of being in contact with her to where I am now with my skin.

When Sonia asked me if I would be willing to write a testimonial for her, I jumped at the opportunity. My hope by sharing my story and journey is that I will help someone else who has had a similar struggle, I know that this product will change your life, as it has mine. Don’t hesitate to give Rasasara Skinfood a try – you will not be disappointed. I never thought I would be complimented on my skin, it’s an amazing feeling when you can step out feeling your best and confident, I owe that to Sonia and the company she has created.

Forever grateful,

Lisa de Souza