Portrait – once you’ve felt the earth’s sensuous embrace, you have understood Kapha’s beauty. Her complexion is pale, soft, and ever so slightly cool and slick. Her generous face is square or round with cheeks that beg to be pinched. She has voluptuous lips and big brown or blue ‘bedroom’ eyes that boast luscious lashes. With her abundant wavy tresses, and full bodied figure,she is the epitome of a Rubenesque woman. Rich reds and purples will warm her cool skin and garnet and ruby peak her energy and will.

                                                                   – Absolute Beauty, Pratima Raichur 


♦ Kapha types renowned for their generous & loving natures are the ‘earth mothers’ of this world. Owing to a predominance of the great elements of Earth & Water in their constitutional makeup  they experience a predominance the qualities listed below physically, emotionally and mentally.

    • Oiliness
    • Softness
    • Denseness
    • Staticness
    • Heaviness
    • Coldness
An excess of these qualities create an imbalance in the Kapha dosha while their opposites will reduce and re-balance Kapha.

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