A baby’s temperature can fluctuate rapidly and changes to the surface of their skin or mood are great indicators of their present condition. A sleepless, anxious, winter baby will find great relief once their feet have been slathered with a coating of warm black sesame oil. Just as a hot, grizzly, summer baby will be calmed & cooled by rose water mist & or a gentle coconut oil belly massage.

Did you know some of Rasasara’s products are baby friendly, especially our Pitta range, which is suitable for super sensitive skin. Just look for the little baby feet icon found on the back of each product, or browse the products below.

The minimal, edible ingredient structure & the science or wisdom of Ayurveda may assist in balancing the body & mind of your baby or child. Each product works synergistically or alone to comfort, cool, soothe, calm or warm & meet the everchanging needs of your baby.

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