Rasasara Staples is a growing collection of premium quality, pure, plant based, staple skin, hair & body care [single] ingredients that can often tricky to source and that every medicine & bathroom cabinet should boast! Staples are ‘go to’ oils, herbs, flowers & powders, that stand alone as beauty product treatments which may also be added to your own therapeutic and cosmetic preparations. Currently we offers two staple products, both of which our wonderful clients have frequently requested over the years. They are highest grade certified organic or wild crafted, sourced from Kerala India (the origin of high quality Ayurvedic products) or from organic suppliers in Australia. Our intention is to continue to grow the Staples collection slowly, and by request, so if there is an essence, oil, powder or floral water you would like to see added to the collection, please do get in touch to let us know and we will see what we can come up with!

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