Portrait – when you understand the wind you can appreciate Vata’s beauty. Her skin is thin and fine pored all over, and ever so slightly cool and dry. Her features are often refined and delicate, though sometimes irregular or elongated, and her cheek bones may be high because her bones tend to be prominent. Her hair is dark, like her eyes, and often curly or wispy with a coarse, fly away texture. She may be short in stature or tall, but her figure is naturally slender. She looks serene in warm pastels and dazzling in jade or emerald and gold.

                                                              -Absolute Beauty, Pratima Raichur

♦ Vata types have penetrating personalities & features and are the intellectuals or ‘thinkers’ of this world. Owing to a predominance of the great elements Air & Space in their constitutional makeup they experience a predominance the qualities listed below both physically, emotionally & mentally.

    • lightness
    • coolness
    • dryness
    • clarity
    • mobility
    • roughness
    • dispersion
In excess these qualities create an imbalance in the Vata dosha while their opposites, reduce and re-balance Vata. The beauty ritual attached offers a step by  step guide to balance & maintain the vata dosha.
Vata Circle Beauty Ritual Link1