Vata controls blood flow, breathing and the movement of thoughts in the mind. It governs all movement in the mind and body and Pitta and Kapha cannot move without it. Therefore it is important to keep Vata in good balance.


To give you optimum results from your Rasasara Skinfood Vata products, we created Vata skin care beauty rituals.  Each ritual enables you to create a nurturing Ayurvedic home spa experience, & contains the following:


  1. an overview of your dosha + tips for how to balance
  2. morning & evening ritual
  3. weekly mask & exfoliating ritual
  4. a step by step guide to abhyanga [self massage]
  5. natural face lift map


The goal of an Ayurvedic beauty ritual is to strengthen the tissues of the skin, support the healthy flow of nutrients throughout each of the 7  layers of body tissue [dhatus], radically increase self love & thereby allow the skin to naturally regenerate, heal & radiate health.


To download a free copy of your Vata Beauty Rituals click here   

Vata Skin Care Pack

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