deodorant & dust duo


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Purchase our Underarm Deodorising Mist & Ayurvedic Dust as a refreshing Duo.

It’s a match made in heaven !


Natural dusts, made from grains, bamboo or clay, absorb excess moisture, from the body & hair, as well as functioning as gentle deodorant or perfume – owing to the inclusion of 100% essential oils. They may also be used instead of or after we apply natural deodorant, which can often be on the sticky side, not such a desirable underarm feeling in summer or winter. For best results, apply non-toxic deodorant (try our Underarm Deodorising Mist), then powder down for no more stickiness and longer lasting anti-odour.


A note from Rasasara Founder, Sonia Lloyd:

I personally find working with herbal dusts as a body perfume, deodorant or dry hair shampoo incredibly soothing & calming for the senses. Visually I enjoy the effect on my hair as it looks instantly refreshed. On my skin, I love the instantly dry soft and clean feel, whilst the smell of essential oils subtly lingers. The net result is the perfect travel companion; I don’t get a plane without it, as body dusting whilst travelling is the equivalent to a dry shower, when the real thing is unavailable.

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