To give you optimum results from your Rasasara Skinfood Pitta products, we created Pitta skin care beauty rituals.  Each ritual enables you to create a nurturing Ayurvedic home spa experience, & contains the following:


  1. an overview of your dosha + tips for how to balance
  2. morning & evening ritual
  3. weekly mask & exfoliating ritual
  4. a step by step guide to abhyanga [self massage]
  5. natural face lift map


The goal of an Ayurvedic beauty ritual is to strengthen the tissues of the skin, support the healthy flow of nutrients throughout each of the 7  layers of body tissue [dhatus], radically increase self love & thereby allow the skin to naturally regenerate, heal & radiate health.


To download a free copy of your Pitta Beauty Rituals click here   

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Pitta Skin Care Pack

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