100% natural, edible, organic, nontoxic, cruelty free, vegan, plant based, sulphate & paraben free, Ayurvedic skin care.

Vata Body Oil Anxiety Remedy

Welcome to Rasasara Skinfood. Rasasara is a Sanskrit word that translates literally as ‘the skin’ also known by Ayurveda ‘as the cream which rises to the top’ – the by-product of all that we consume both emotionally, orally & through the skin dermis. The skin is a  mirror that reflects what’s going on deep within the body.


Our products are handcrafted in Surrey Hills, Victoria, by founder Sonia Lloyd & team. Sonia, after directly experiencing the beneficial results of Ayurvedic preparations to heal her own skin (over 18 years ago) began offering handmade, organic, Ayurvedic formulations to others who had tried pharmaceutical or natural formulations without success to balance or heal their skin. Consistently skin problems were resolved, using only natural & minimal ingredient formulations combined with an understanding of their constitutional body & skin type.


Looking at the skincare industry, Sonia felt that what it offered was the opposite of skin care and that the dosha specific knowledge Ayurveda offered was not being offered to the community as a mainstream skincare solution. Inspired by her passion for healing with wholefoods and a strong conviction in the power of Ayurveda to create a glowing, healthy complexion, she began the commercial venture that is now Rasasara Skinfood, handmade, edible, organic, wildcrafted, cruelty free accredited, skin & hair care


At the heart of Rasasara Skinfood is the intention to promote wellness, long life and ageless beauty. Sonia’s wish is that the Rasasara range & the intention underpinning it, inspires you to do the best you possibly can to care for yourself and your world, just as she is inspired to offer you the best possible product – handmade, organic, natural, Australian made,  Ayurvedic skin & hair care.