| Lather, Rinse, Repeat |

Why you should wash your hair twice…

A common complaint of those wishing to make the switch to a natural shampoo is the feeling that they just cannot get their hair clean!

If this sounds like you, perhaps all you need to do is to change up the ritual. Even less environmentally friendly shampoos often prescribe the dual shampoo by way of a thorough cleanse.

It makes a lot of sense…the first shampoo removes the excess sebum (oil), environmental pollutants & product build up. The second allows you to cleanse your hair & scalp & also for your hair to benefit from the ingredients contained within the product.

Further tips include: using warm water initially, when wetting down your hair pre-shampoo. This aids in the opening up of the cuticle, increasing the shampoo’s efficacy. Switch to cool water to rinse, post-conditioner, to smooth the cuticle back down, lock in hydration & increase shine.

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