We appreciate that trying a new skin care regime can be a little scary, not to mention costly, and it is for this reason we offer the 30 day free trial of any Rasasara Skinfood Starter Kit.
**Limit of one introductory offer per person**

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If you are unsure of your skin type, have a quick question or need guidance on a skin concern, we’re here to help. Send us an email,


Alternatively, if you are struggling to understand your skin, or would like deeper guidance regarding where to start on an Ayurvedic skincare journey – or lifestyle change – an Ayurvedic Skin Consultation is an incredibly helpful & constructive place to start!

Vata kit with soap, mask, hydrating mist and oil
Pitta and Tridoshic Kit with mist and oil
Kapha skin care kit with mask, soap, hydrating mist and oil
Tridoshic anti ageing set bottles