| How Ayurveda can alleviate the signs of menopause |

From an Ayurvedic perspective, when a woman is transitioning through menopause, she experiences more Pitta in the body, as well as high Vata, as she is at the Vata stage of life.

Pitta is the Fire element and therefore creates the hot flashes, the heat, hair loss & inability to sleep at night often associated with menopause. Vata is the Air element. Air is very drying and depleting, creating rough & dry skin and anxiety.

To counter these indications, we need to look at things that will balance the excess Pitta and Vata in the body. This means we should cool the body to counteract the Pitta (heat) and hydrate, nourish and oleate to combat the Vata (dryness).

One of the very best ways to do this is through daily self-massage or Abhyanga. A daily Abhyanga practice restores the balance of the doshas and enhances wellbeing and longevity.  Regular Abhyanga is especially grounding and relaxing for Vata dosha imbalances, pacifying for Pitta and stimulating for Kapha doshas.

Recently, through a friend of Rasasara Skinfood, Larissa Azar of Yoga in Daily Life, we have discovered that our Vata Body Oil works wonders relieving the symptoms of menopause when massaged into the feet daily. Below, Larissa relates her welcome discovery:

‘After experiencing for myself that using the Vata Body Oil reduced my hot flushes from an internal explosion to a soft glow, I shared this story with a group of ladies attending a Mindful Menopause workshop at Yoga in Daily Life, Richmond. All but one of the ladies had a similar experience!’

Larissa Azur ~ Yoga in Daily Life