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Our Tridoshic ageless beauty skin rejuvenating kit is suitable for all skin types, and works to balance the elements of vata* which is responsible for the ageing we see in our body showing up as dry, fine, papery or dehydrated skin.
Edible ingredients:
Refer to Chandra Revitalising Oil, Gentle Eye Gel & Make Up Remover, Rasa Aloe Serum, Cleansing Compress Drops


Tridoshic: all skin types

This KIT contains four of our most popular ageless beauty skin food products and is suitable for all skin types.  New to Ayurveda and Rasasara? This is the perfect place to start your Rasasara journey, as all of the following products can be added to your vata/pitta & kapha beauty ritual.

  • 30 ml Cleansing Compress Drops  – to, hydrate, alkalise, cleanse & infuse.
  • 30 ml Chandra Revitalising Oil* – infuse this into dry skin using the compress drops above.
  • 30 ml Rasa Aloe Serum – (natures alternative to Botox!) mix with chandra oil to make a rich anti – ageing serum, that also soothes and heals eczema & psoriasis
  • 30 ml Gentle Eye Gel – a 3-in-1 nourishing makeup remover, cream cleanser, or to hydrate the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.

* must have item in your bathroom cabinet – both a night oil & ageless beauty serum.

Chandra revitalising oil  brings amazing results when applied to scars (old & new) + burns.

Read more about Rasa Aloe Serum, Chandra Oil, Gentle Eye Gel, Cleansing Compress Drops on their individual product pages.


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Dimensions 22 x 15 x 5 cm