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introductory offer | kapha starter kit

$108.00 for 1 month with a 30-day free trial and a $10.00 sign-up fee

An introductory offer for customers new to Rasasara. We appreciate that trying a new skin care regime can be a little scary, not to mention costly, and it is for this reason we are offering the free trial of any Rasasara starter kit for 30 days.   At the close of the 30 days, you will then pay the cost of the starter kit, $108.00 Pay only shipping* at checkout and receive your Kapha Starter Kit to try risk free.

Alternatively, if you are dissatisfied with the products in any way, simply return to us inside 30 days (at your own expense) and you will pay no additional cost.

* This is not a subscription and the kit is a one off $108.00 charge.

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Feeling clogged and like you really need to scrub at your skin? Please don’t! You will only aggravate it more. Kapha skin types are also blemish prone.

The Kapha Kit is a complete system that will bring your skin into natural balance. Gentle yet antibacterial ingredients have been carefully combined to clear and detoxify your skin. The results are truly amazing.

Ayurvedic overview: Kapha types have soft, smooth and lustrous pale or olive skin that is slightly damp and cool to the touch. Imbalanced: kapha skin can appear damp or oily, be prone to blackheads, congestion or skin conditions such as cystic acne and wet eczema.

Rasasara kapha products balance kapha skin, maintaining its naturally radiant state with the application of warming, stimulating & detoxifying ingredients.

60ml Kapha Hydrating Mist
30ml Kapha Face Nourishing Oil
35g Kapha Herbal Face Exfoliant /Mask
30g Kapha Face Cleansing Bar

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