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rasa aloe serum

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Aloe  •  Coconut

Anti-ageing, soothing, cooling & detoxifying. Apply to treat premature aging, inflammation, (including sunburn), acne rosacea, rashes, mild abrasions, eczema & breakouts. 100% handmade, organic, natural skin care.

Edible ingredients:Aloe Vera (Aloebarbadensis) Concentrate, Purified Water, Soy Liposomes, Coconut Fractions, Amigel, Grapefruit Seed (Citrus x paradisi) Extract.



Product Description

Tridoshic  – All Skin Types | Anti Ageing

An aloe vera based anti – ageing facial serum. Enhanced with Liposomes, the collagen building proteins naturally present in aloe vera are carried directly to the skins cellular membrane & released directly into the cell; the result is hydrated & revitalised skin.

To Use: apply sparingly to the delicate skin around the eyes to reduce the appearance of fine lines; a thin layer to sunburnt or damaged skin; a thick layer of gel to face & neck as a hydrating & healing face mask – leave for 10-20 minutes, rinse & pat dry; combine with rasasara facial oils to enhance their efficacy.


The miracle that is Aloe Gel…

We can’t say enough good things about this amazing plant and here’s why! The cactus like leaves of the Aloe Vera plant contain a clear healing gel which is 96% water. The other 4% contains 75 known substances including Vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium, amino acids for protein building and enzymes used in the digestive system.

This is why Aloe Vera is now also touted as nature’s alternative to Botox and why it’s been used to heal the skin for thousands of years. The amino acids in Aloe Vera stimulate fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for wound healing and the manufacture of collagen, the protein that controls the ageing process of the skin and wrinkling. Another reason it is so effective is because its absorption rate is four times that of water and our skin literally opens up to absorb it’s miracle properties.

Rasa Aloe Gel is hydrating and regenerating for Vata skin, soothing and cooling for Pitta skin, detoxifying and antibacterial for Kapha, hence it’s a Tridoshic product that can benefit skin of all types, ages and in every season.

To make the most of it’s collagen building properties use Rasa Aloe Gel as a stay on mask that you can sleep with all night, because night time is when peak cellular rejuvenation takes place!

We also recommend you use it to treat sunburn, rashes, mild abrasions, bites, stings, eczema, breakouts, bruises or poison ivy – so don’t leave home without it in summer or when camping.

We also suggest you apply it after air travel to revitalise and refresh your skin quickly without making it oily.

Our Rasa Aloe Gel is completely pure unadulterated aloe extract, emulsified with a plant based gel and preserved with coconut fractions (so you also get the benefits of coconut oil and grapefruit seed extract).

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